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Shipping and Delivery
* Please note, our preferred shipping service is TNT

How can I track the progress of my order?

What are the shipping rates for delivering to my country?

What do I do if my order has not arrived at the specified time? Who do I contact?

What happens if my product doesn’t fit into standard dimensions?

When is your warehouse open?

Your warehouse is only open on Tuesday and Thursday – how does this work with the next day Express shipping service?

Can I pick up the goods myself?

Where will my order be sent from?

Can I ship with another service other than TNT?

What import/custom duties will I be charged?

Returns, Refunds and Damaged Goods

What do I do if the product I received is damaged or incorrect?

How long does it take to have my faulty product/products replaced?

Do I have to pay for the shipping of my replacement product?

What happens if I do not want a replacement product anymore after I have found it is faulty?

Can I exchange the faulty product for a different product?

What happens if I change my mind on an order?

Ordering and Wholesale Portal

What is the minimum order requirement?

Can I have my order shipped to another country other than my shop or warehouse?

What is the benefit of the Wholesale Portal?

How long do I have to wait for custom products?

Managing your Account

How many people can be on one account?

Can you have multiple accounts?

How do you create an account for the Wholesale Portal?

Why do we need your VAT number?

What happens if I forget or loose my password?

Is my information private?

How do I know what type of business I am?

Where can I see my order history?

What happens if an employee leaves and we do not know the Wholesale Portal password? How do we access the account?

How do I make sure that my Newsletter is not redirected into my spam folder?

Payment, Pricing and Warranties

How do I know what my privileges are in terms of discounts?

How do I know what the latest prices and offers are?

What are the payment methods available for a wholesaler?

In what timeframe do I have to pay?

Can my invoice be amended?

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